Mommy Moments #2: My Son's Fieldtrip (Treasured Moments)

Last Friday was such an enjoyable day for me and for my 5-year old son. He had a fieldtrip in the movie theater to watch the movie "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax". It was just the perfect movie for kindergarteners and even for adults. Me and my mother-in-law were his chaperones so we got to enjoy the movie as well. It was really entertaining, a perfect movie to watch as a family for adults will enjoy it too.

Anyway, after the movie, they loaded up the children to a lake-side park to eat lunch and to play later. We drove their too so we could eat lunch with the kids. Unfortunately it had been raining that day, the park was wet so they decided to move to a different lake-side park after lunch. The second lake was just perfect. It has an amazing view, lots and lots of colors from the blooming trees. I enjoyed it a lot there but most of all I enjoyed watching my son having such a wonderful time playing with friends in the park. Below are few of the pics that me and my son took....Last Friday would be one of those days that I will look back and will put a smile on my face remembering how fun it was to spend and watch my son enjoying his childhood days...

you can see on his face how much he's enjoying...

my son took this pic of me, my youngest son and mother-in-law...


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Irene said...

you have cute kids! God bless =)

house of P said...

I love the second pic...awesome capture by your son! was here for mommy moments hope you can drop by my entry

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