Mosaic Monday #2: Hubby's Easter Cactus and My Hyacinths!

My mother-in-law bought my hubby this Easter Cactus  a week ago which is pictured in the right side. That was my first time to see or ever heard of Easter Cactus. I know about Christmas Cactus, hubby has 3 of those in the house which I thought are beautiful! This Easter cactus has similar leaves as the Christmas Cactus and there is a similarity on the bloom too but not quite the same, I just couldn't pinpoint it! I think the Easter Cactus flower's opens up more than the Christmas Cactus, that's just one of the similarities.

Anyhow, I am really surprised to see another Hyacinths blooming in my garden right now. I thought all my Hyacinths bloomed already, evidently not. There are two of them that are blooming right now, I don't see anymore of the peach color though. I guess I won't be seeing them again until next year. They didn't really develop well this year, they were shorter than normal. And even these two that are blooming right now, they just look so different. It must have something to do with the weird weather we've been having. Oh well, I still love them though!

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Lavender Dreams said...

Your flowers are so colorful and beautiful! Happy Monday! ♥

shellybean101 said...

Thank you very much!

Teresa said...

What a lovely mosaic!

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