Today's Flower #2: Almost Black Tulip

I bought this Tulip at Lowe's a year ago. What caught my attention was its name "Black Queen Tulips" as I recall. So I bought it, I needed more Tulips in my garden anyway. As you can see in the picture the color is purple but in very, very dark shade that it actually look like black from far away. I only see one blooming in my garden right now so far. For some reason, this year, my flowers are not growing normally, maybe they need some fertilizing or something. But I am planning on digging on my Tulips some time when they're season is over and replant it somewhere else where the dirt is richer than where they are in now. Hopefully by next year they'll grow bigger and give me more beautiful flowers!

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Maria said...

Tremendous colour! Hopefully your flowers will grow well again soon!

Carletta said...

Excellent macro with selective focus and lovely bokeh!

Luna Miranda said...

an amazing color!


Modern Mom said...

I love the color. It's beautiful.

Pink and White Euphorbia

Chris said...

Wonderful tulip with a gorgeous color!

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