7 Years and Counting...(Treasured Moments)

Hubby and I celebrated our 7th anniversary the other day, the 27th of this month. It was also the same day that I set foot on this land. We decided to get married the same day I arrived here because we did not want to live together, you can say we are on an old-fashion side. Anyway, for our anniversary we were gonna go out to eat and do some other things but it didn't happen because the night before it was really weird that I suddenly felt so depressed! I decided that night that I wasn't going anywhere the next day, I was feeling so frustrated that I just couldn't stand it!

I thought for sure that weird feeling would go away the next day and was hoping that we would be able to go out to celebrate our anniversary but it didn't! I was still feeling depress when I woke up but I managed to prepare my little presents for my hubby, put it in the gift bag and left at our bedroom door so when he wakes up it will be the first thing he'll see. So noon came, he got up and saw the gift, he greeted me and I did the same thing. He thanked me for the gift and I told him to open it. He opened it and I'm so glad that he loved everything in it! I got him two watches, one is a casual watch and the other one is a dress watch and I also got him a work boots! After I saw him opened his gifts and how much he loved everything I felt fine then! That was really weird! But I am really glad that even though we did not do anything special that we still had a good anniversary!

I am so thankful to the Lord above for those blessings HE showered us in those seven years we've been married especially for our two lovely boys! I will be forever thankful for them! I am looking forward for another 7 more years or more to celebrate with my hubby. Our marriage has not been perfect but we managed to overcome all those obstacles as long as we do it together. Those obstacles made us stronger couple!

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