Mommy Moments #3: A Thoughtful And Unselfish Gesture of a 5-year Old...(Treasured Moments)

We all know that kids do some crazy things sometimes but they can also be full of  surprises when out of the blue they'll just blurt out something sweet or do something so thoughtful and very example of this is my 5-year old son. The other day when I picked him up at the bus stop (I happened to bring my camera that day to take some pictures of whatever I see that's pleasing to my eyes), we were walking in the driveway, my son was ahead of me, didn't notice what  he was doing for I was busy taking pictures of this flower that's growing beside our driveway. Next thing I knew, my son was in front of me handing me a dandelion and said "Mama, I brought you something...I want you to blow this dandelion so your dreams will come true". I was speechless for a moment and then it occurred to me that I needed to take a picture of him handing me the dandelion, it was just the sweetest moment for me I was very touched! Such a thoughtful and unselfish gesture of a 5-year old that happened to be my son. He could have easily blown the dandelion as much as he loves to do it but he gave it to me instead! Above is the picture that I snapped when that "Mommy Moment" was happening...

And below are some of the pictures that I took of him when he found another dandelion to blow for himself. He was so happy to found another one because he wanted to make a wish so his dreams will come true too ( he was wishing for another Nintendo 3DS but unfortunately that will remain a dream for now because mama and daddy couldn't afford to buy another expensive toy and he's already got one!). Anyhow, it is so amazing how much a little thing like a dandelion can bring so much happiness to a child. Such an innocent face full of happiness and contentment!

mommy moments

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Tetcha said...

You're blessed to have a sweet boy! May both your dreams come true! Here's my MM entry:

Rosemarie said...

such a sweet little boy, dropping by for mommy moment, I hope you could pay me a visit at

See you around!!!!

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