Mommy Moments #5: Trying His Best...

I had a big kick of my youngest son last night for he was trying his best to crawl. I put him down in the floor with his toys and just let him do whatever he wants to do. He turned over and was trying to play with his toy, after a while, he looked like he got tired of fooling around with his toys so he turned around the other way and was heading towards under the table. He was trying so hard and his best to crawl at 5 months old.

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to take a picture of him but instead took a couple of videos. That's what I was going to share on this week's Mommy Moments but I did not know if video is allowed or not. But anyway, I am sharing a photo of my youngest son knocked out from all that hard work that he did! He was sleeping like he never slept all week! LOL! But if you all are interested to see the video, I uploaded it on my other blog and you can check it here to watch it!

My little angel so tired and worn out!

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