Palm Sunday...

I didn't even know that today is Palm Sunday until we were inside the church reading the bulletin. I couldn't be happier that me and my family went today despite of my hubby being sick. I really appreciated his effort for going this morning even though I knew he didn't feel like going. Unfortunately for my mother-in-law, she was very sick with some kind of respiratory related disease that she didn't make it out of bed and missed the mass.

I enjoyed the mass this morning as usual in spite of the fact that the gospel reading was longer than usual. The gospel today was the "Passion of Christ" and we got to be part of the gospel reading which was great! It was hard for me to concentrate though because I had to hold my youngest son and he was whining a little bit and squirmy. He was trying to fight sleep, that's what he does when he feels sleepy. But all in all my morning went great. It's always nice to start your day by hearing the words of GOD!

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