Scarlet Wednesday #2: Cute Kindergarteners in Red...

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My 5-year old son had a class field trip 2 weeks ago at the movie theater together with the other kindergarten class at their school.  I think I already posted something on this blog about this field trip but anyhow, the students as well as the chaperones (if they have one) were required to wear the school shirt which is in color red. The students looked so adorable in uniforms. They are just so tiny and so cuteeee! Above are some of the pictures that I took at the movie theater and at the park. We went to a lake-side park to eat lunch and so the kids can play at the park. They had a wonderful time especially my son and me and my in-law did too...the kids were just too cutee!


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tejan said...

wow! really nice and cute to see with reds around:) visiting YS ,mine is up too see yah!

anne2377 said...

I am sure everyone had a blast visiting from SC

scarletwednesday said...

your kid is so cute and all the other preschoolers too... As well as the parents and guardians. *wink*
I really love to see kids in reds, they look so pretty and handsome with it and more noticable. You all look so happy and really enjoyed the trip.
Thanks for joining SW, hope to see you again next week!:D

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