Scarlet Wednesday #3: His Easter Basket...

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Me and my family had a wonderful Easter on Sunday! We started out our day by going to church to attend the Easter Sunday mass. We told our son the day before that if he's a good boy the Easter bunny will bring him an Easter basket full of goodies. He must have been a good boy because Sunday morning when he opened the door a basket full of goodies indeed was waiting for him. He was just so happy to see it! He loved everything in that basket especially the Super Mario stuffed toy, it's one of his favorite characters! He was so thankful to the Easter for being so generous!

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ScarletWednesday said...

wow that was a very cute stuff... thanks for joining SW again... and btw I've featured you already on my current post..;) see you around! Happy Easter!

Anne Sanborn said...

great pictures day, hehe kinsa kaha ga hatag niya ug Easter basket???

here for Wednesday Whites Glowing Colors of Petunias

shellybean101 said...

Thank you very much for featuring me! I enjoy this every Wednesday and always looking forward for the coming weeks! Hope you and your family had a good Easter!

JessicaWCassidy (@wifetoalineman) said...

awww! he is a cutie :-) we love Mario too but ours is small :-) Dropping by from SW

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