Scarlet Wednesday #4: The Hummers Are Back!

So happy to know that the hummers or hummingbirds are finally back for the summer. My husband saw them the other day while I was napping in the couch and told me that it's about time to make the nectar again. So when I woke up from my slumber that was the first thing that I did. It is very easy to make the nectar, it is a ratio of 4:1, 4 cups of water and one cup of sugar and then you can just add a little bit of food coloring, I think it's to attract the hummingbird or just for looks or something, I really don't know what's the food coloring for to tell you the truth, lol! But anyhow, the hummingbirds migrates to the south every winter and comes back  every summer. I am just so thrilled that they are finally back, I get so much enjoyment watching them fight over a homemade nectar.

Based on my observation, they seem very territorial birds. When a hummingbird already took over a feeder they don't want any other hummers to feed from it or else there will be troubles, lol! It is so much fun to watch them chase each other. And also once they get use to you, they can be very friendly and let you watch them eat while you are standing so close to them...Anyway, I can't wait to take lots of pictures of them, that's the only thing missing in my picture. I tried so hard yesterday to take one but they're just too fast, but I won't let summer end until I capture a lovely picture of one of them!

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thegeekgoddess said...

Interesting fact about hummingbirds. :) I'd love to see the pictures! Btw, thanks for dropping by the Scarlet Wednesday post.

JessicaWCassidy (@wifetoalineman) said...

that is one beautiful red bird feeder :-) candid shot too :-) very pretty :-) Dropping by from SW

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