Scarlet Wednesday #5: Hybrid Dahlia


I bought this Hybrid Dahlia at Walmart a month ago. I just couldn't resist even though I was pretty aware that I didn't have any place to put it. It was just too beautiful to ignore! I did find a place to put it, in a pot. I think it is the perfect spot for it because this kind of Dahlia is evidently not a perennial plant but an annual! I have so many Dahlias in my garden that are perennials but there are only two came up this year. I guess the rest is dead I'm assuming. Oh well, I guess it was a good thing I bought more although they are not coming back next year, it just means that I can plant different flowers in my pot next year and not get stuck on the same plants!

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andrea said...

hi, i saw this blog when i went to your other blog at FFF. I think you were also from this part of the world where i am now! Your manner of writing revealed your origin. Am I right?

shellybean101 said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for your comment...where do you think I'm originated from?

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