Gosh this was just one miserably boring day for me! I literally didn't do anything except the basic things like taking care of my kids and prepare meals and of course sitting in front of the computer! What a waste of day, I really wished I could have done something productive today but I just felt so exhausted earlier that I actually took a nap twice! If it wasn't for my little one I would have died of boredom! It would have been nice to go and do some window shopping or something but it was a bad day for that because it was raining really hard earlier.

I really hate days like this. Good thing though before the daylight was over, UPS came and brought me a package that I didn't expect at all from Guess. The handbag that I personally asked my hubby to get for me for Mother's day came that it actually lightened up my mood a little bit.  That I didn't expect to come because they haven't even email me a shipping confirmation but I am very glad that it came, at least something exciting happened for me today before the day was over! Anyway, I hope you all had a much better, productive and exciting day than me!

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