First Ripe Strawberries!

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I have a couple of strawberry planters in my yard. One is a hanging planter called topsy turvy strawberry planter which I think is not such a good idea since most of the strawberries that I planted there are dead except for five that are still alive. The other one is a planter that you just set on the ground and the strawberries in the pictures above are the fruits from that planter. There are several strawberry fruits that are on it right now but those two are the first ones to ripen. Well I picked it out this morning after I took some pictures of it and me and my 6-year old son ate it! I tell you, although they're not as big as the ones that you can buy at the store they did taste so much better. They were very sweet! Looking forward for the others to ripen so me and my son can enjoy them!


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thegeekgoddess said...

Oooh! I love strawberries! :)

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