Her 25th Birthday!

I just got  back from my friend's house, it's her 25th birthday today. She invited us but of course sending birthday invitations wasn't necessary because we've known each other since we were in high school. She asked me the other night when we were chatting through yahoo if me, hubby and the kids could come to her birthday and of course I did not have any reasons to say no, she is my friend. So we went their earlier and we had an awesome time. I cooked her some Filipino food that we call in the Philippines "bam-i". She also cooked some other Filipino foods  such as "beefsteak" and "pork apritada". Everything was delicious. Her parents-in-law was there too, they all enjoyed the Filipino foods.

I also got her a small chocolate cake which really surprised her. Her husband got her a cake as well, so she had to blew two cakes. She said it was her first time to ever have a cake on her birthday in her 25 years of life. I am not really surprise about that because in the Philippines it is so hard over there that only people with money can afford to buy a cake. But I am so glad that she had two cakes on her 25th birthday. She was really thrilled about it.

Anyway, I got her a Guess handbag for a present. She loved it, she is one of those people that would appreciate anything you give her, no matter how much or how little it cost.  I have been saving this handbag and was very excited to see her expression once she opens the gift and I am so pleased that she really liked it! She has been such a good friend to me, not only me but also to my family especially my kids. She treats them just like her own. So a Guess handbag wasn't even enough for all the good things that she's done for us! If I could have afford to get her some more things I would have gotten her more but unfortunately that was the only thing I could afford for now!

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