His 6-Month Check Up

My youngest son had his 6-month check up this morning. Well actually him and his big brother did. We had to set up an appointment for my oldest son the other day because he is really congested for almost a month now and we were worried that he's got the walking pneumonia again but thankfully he didn't. The doctor prescribed him with antibiotic to try to get rid off the congestion, I really hope it will work this time because his cough doesn't sound good at all!

As far as my youngest son's wellness, the doctor said he is just perfect! In fact the doctor told us that he's able to do things that other babies his age are not able to do yet.  It was a music to our ears. He's more advance than the other baby his age! The doctor complimented us on how we are doing so good on taking care of him. It made our day! Thank GOD for healthy kids that he blessed us!

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