Wild Azalea..

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My mother-in-law bought these two bushes about 4 years ago, she said they're wild azaleas. She gave me one and kept the other one. Picture above is of her wild azalea that's blooming right now. I don't know what happened to mine that I haven't seen it bloom since the day she'd given it to me. It's still alive but I think it might have gotten damaged when our two German Shepherds mauled it about 3 years ago! Since that it hasn't really produce much leaves!

Anyway, I took those pictures the other day when I saw it blooming. It is just lovely in person. I love the color and everything! I wish mine would bloom one day, it's trying though! I can see some new growth coming out but that's what it did last year and didn't do anything but I'm still hoping it will bloom again one day!

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