Air Duct Cleaning

I felt really bad the other day when I accidentally cracked two bird eggs. My husband told me to check our dryer's air vent because he said he saw something went in there. He thought it might have been a mouse or a bird. So I went out there and used a stick to poke in there and then this bird flew out from there. I could see that she had a nest in there and I was so afraid to get it out for she might have some eggs. I was trying to be very careful to get the nest out so I wouldn't break any eggs unfortunately I wasn't careful enough. When I scraped the nest out, I accidentally poked one with the stick and it broke and the other one fell out from the nest and broke as well! I felt terrible about it until now!

Anyway, I told hubby that we need to replace our vent there because it's in bad shape and who knows what else would try get in there! I could only imagine what our air duct looks like. I'm sure it needs cleaning! Well, if you happen to be in need of a professional air duct cleaner and live somewhere in Round Rock Texas, you can just  click round rock texas air duct cleaning. That way you don't have to waste your time looking for one since I already provided it for you! Somebody is gonna have to do ours. I better check and see if they're available in NC...

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