Another Milestone He Has Reached!

My youngest son who's gonna be 7 months this coming 17th of this month has reached another milestone today I'd say. I mean he's done so many things already baby his age are not capable of doing yet as what his pediatrician told us the last time we were there for his check-up. Well today, I put him in his walker and let him just have fun in the kitchen. I was very confident he'll be safe because he's just too young and small and not so strong yet to pull anything out of place yet while I was in front of the computer doing my daily routine which is checking my emails, etc..

I noticed that my son was really quite, all I could hear was his little rattle teething ring that he was smacking on something. When I turned around to see what he was doing, I was really surprised of what I saw! There he was standing near the kitchen cabinets and drawers. One of the drawers was open and it happened to be where we keep our kitchen stuff like cheese shredder, lids, small objects, etc...He was trying his best to reach in there, fortunately his hand wasn't long enough to get anything out of there and the walker was keeping him from reaching in there too. Seeing that sight made me realize that it's about time to make this house child-proof once again! Good thing I didn't get rid off those l0cks t hat we used to locked our cabinets when my oldest was just a baby!

Anyway, I snapped a couple of pictures of my son while he was doing all of that. I uploaded one below.. I'm so glad that he reached another milestone but when they start doing things like that it can be very dangerous. This is the time that you really got to keep an eye on them when they're into everything! I am just so happy that he is developing normally! Thank God for that...

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