Dada Is His First Word

My youngest son will be turning 7 months old in less than 2 days and in his 7 months of life I am very amazed at how much he has grown and how much he has learned. He is very adamant to learn how to walk. Every time I put him in his playpen or on the floor, the first thing he does is find something to hold on to so that he can use it to pull his self up! He don't want to just crawl and sit around, he wants to use his two feet! So much amazement and amusement this little one has given me.

So on top of all of that, he learned how to say the word "dada". Well, it is definitely his first word. I don't feel jealous or disappointed at all. From the very beginning, I saw a very special bond that him and my husband shared that I didn't see on my first born. I mean my husband loves all his children equally but there is just something different between him and our youngest child. So I am not surprise at all that his first word is dada! Actually he started saying that word when he was just a few months old. I thought he was just saying some random baby words but he kept on saying it until now, he says it all the time! It's dada this and dada that! It is truly hilarious in a cute way!

Well, one day I will get my moment. He will eventually learn how to say the word mama. I am patient and I am not in a hurry. I am just enjoying seeing him developing really well. I will always be thankful to the Lord above for giving me these two beautiful boys!

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