Everyboy Loves Chocolate...

I have been craving for chocolates lately. I feel so guilty I kept taking packs of chocolates from the box that is meant to be sent  for my family in the Philippines. If I don't close that box soon, I'll end up eating all the chocolates in it! Anyway, I'm sure they'll appreciate all that stuff that I got them especially the chocolates. I got them different kinds. They don't get to eat them often for the fact that it is kinda expensive. My younger sister told me to make sure I put a bunch of them since everybody loves chocolate over there! Well, I did, I hope it'll be enough!

Anyhow, since I have been craving for chocolates and my birthday is coming up pretty soon, maybe I'll just ask hubby to get me some and give him this link best chocolate Serenata online to check out their scrumptious and heavenly-looking chocolates available! Gosh by just looking at these varieties of chocolates makes me want to lick the computer screen they look so good! I will probably regret eating this much chocolate later but oh well, I'll deal with it later!

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