My Precious Boys

I am one lucky mama for having been blessed with two beautiful boys! I couldn't ask for anything else. I love my boys so much, they are my world, my everything! I am just so happy that my oldest son loves his little brother unbelievably. From the time his little brother was born, he has never shown any jealousy towards him at all. We were expecting that he'll be jealous of him which is perfectly normal but no, he was never jealous of him at all. In fact he is so protective of him. Every time when somebody holds his little brother, he will keep an eye and will tell me to get his brother back. He is so afraid that somebody will take his brother. And I keep explaining it to him that they are just holding him but he would not stop until I get his brother back. He even lets him slap him around just to make him laugh! It is truly unbelievable how much love he is showing towards his little brother!

And of course I can say the same thing to the little one. Every time he sees his big bro, his whole face brightens up and the sweetest smile he'll give to him. These two boys of mine shares a very special brotherly bond! I really hope they will take this kind of relationship until they are old. I hope nothing will ever come between these two that would ruin their special bond! I am just a one happy MAMA!

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