"Back Off I'm Crabby...." what is printed on my little one's shirt that he wore today. I got it at Walmart..I love baby clothes that has cute designs like that. We went to church today for our annual rummage sale and I brought my two boys with me. Everybody had a fit over my youngest son's shirt and they were asking if they had it in adult's size which I think it didn't. But they all loved it. I thought he looked so cute on it.

Anyway, pictures above were taken after we got home from our rummage sale at church. My youngest son loves to be outside as well as my oldest son if he's not busy with his video game! Anyhow, I let my youngest son down in the grass and he just loved it. He enjoyed crawling and pulling grasses and I thought he looked so cute so I decided to bring my camera out so I could take some pictures of him! I love how the pictures turned out!

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