One Day We Will Have Our Own!

I attended a graduation/farewell party earlier this afternoon at one of our friends house from church. Her granddaughter graduated from the Middle School and she's moving to Nashville to live with her mom and go to High School there. I will surely miss that girl, she is just a very nice and sweet girl!

Anyhow, the grandmother's house (our friend from church) was just amazing! Very lovely, modernized country-style house! I would really love to have a house like that one day maybe not as big. I'm pretty sure a beautiful and a big house like that also has a pretty big mortgage every month that I am very sure we will never be able to afford and I am also sure that even if we try to apply for a home loan we won't be approved because I am just a stay home mom and my husband retired early due to some work-related disability. But who knows, maybe one day we will have our own if the Lord above permits it!

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