Birthday Menus

I decided instead of going out to eat on my birthday to just cook some Filipino foods. I told my friend about it who lives nearby from us and she liked the idea and volunteered to come and help me which I thought was so nice. So earlier after my youngest son's follow-up appointment at his pediatrician, we stopped by the Asian store to get some of the ingredients there unfortunately the store was closed. I didn't have any idea that they are close on Sundays! So I had to settle to what I could find at our local grocery store for the foods that I am going to cook. Good thing I found most of the ingredients there but there are still some that are missing but I can cook some of the dish without those ingredients thankfully!

What I decided to make are Lumpia Shanghai or Spring Roll, Humba or Pork Braised with Brown Sugar, Escabeche ( Fried fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce with veggies) and lastly Bihon or Bean thread noodles cooked with cabbage, red and green bell pepper, pork, shrimp, soy sauce and more. That will be plenty enough for all us since I don't have any visitors coming except for my friend. This will be the first time that I am cooking something on my birthday, we usually just go out and eat. I'm sure it will be exhausting but fun!

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