Happy Birthday To My Beloved Papa

Today July 12th, 2012 Philippine time is my beloved papa's birthday! This is really embarrassing but I don't know exactly how old he is today. Well I do have a very good excuse for not remembering how old my father is. First, he is thousands of miles away from me and we don't really communicate regularly. I know it sounds bad but it's true and it's nobody's fault because I have my own family to take care of here and they are very busy with their life there as well. I mean we used to chat almost everyday with my sisters and see each other on the webcam and I truly miss those days but now they are working and busy, we hardly do it anymore. I'll be lucky if I get to chat or talk to them once a month!

So anyway, I called my father earlier to greet him happy birthday but unfortunately he wasn't able to come to the phone and talk to me because he couldn't hardly hear. There are just too many things wrong with my father, he is very sick that it affected his sense of hearing and can't hardly talk. I just feel awful that I couldn't be there and take care of him. Lord knows how much I want to be with my family right now! Of course it's always the financial issue that's in the way! I know I shouldn't feel bad about it because everybody is having hard times these days! But anyhow, I know my father won't be able to read this but I still want to greet him a very Happy and memorable birthday and I love him with all my heart! Thank you so much papa for being such a wonderful father to us!

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