He Loved The Water

The other day I took my kids and my stepdaughter and her boyfriend to the community pool. That was my youngest son's first trip to the pool. Based on how he reacts when I give him a bath at home, I already knew that he is going to love the water. But I didn't know how he'd react to the cold water since I only use warm water for him when he takes a bath. It really surprised me that the cold water in the pool didn't faze him a bit. He was enjoying the heck out of it. He was actually trying to crawl out from his little floater, I had such a good time watching him!

On the other hand, my oldest son was still very scared to get in the big pool. I knew he still remember that time when he almost drowned, so that's probably the reason why hesitates to get in the big pool. But I am not gonna rush him. I know one day he'll be ready and won't be scared anymore...

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