He Will Be Missed!

I received a terrible news yesterday evening from my sister calling from the Philippines that our father had passed away yesterday morning. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing and asked my sister numerous times if she was really serious. And yes she was serious, my father has left this earth! I was almost hysterical when I hung up the phone with my sister, it was just too unreal for me. The pain is just too unbearable! Now me and my siblings are fatherless and my mama I'm sure will be lonely without her mate. That's two loved ones that we lost in 3 years. In 2009, I lost my second oldest brother and we haven't even gotten over it!

Anyway, after letting all my pains and sorrows out last night. I got to thinking that I shouldn't be sad because my father is in a much better place now and I'm sure he won't be lonely wherever he is because my brother is with him! It just sucks that I couldn't go home and be with my family especially my mother who I am sure is in a lot of pain right now. I just want to hug her and console her. It is just an awful feeling. I wish there is something I can do but the only thing that I can do right where I am at now is to provide financial support and help with the funeral cost which I already sent the money earlier today. I wish there is more I can do! I wish I can go back! I wish..I wish..I wish! So much wishesssss that will never happen!

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