Hummingbird Shots Finally!

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Pictures above are just two of almost a hundred that I took of the hummingbirds months ago! These are the two of my favorite shots. Like I said before, you got to have a lot of patience to be able to get a shot of hummingbirds for they are so fast little creatures! They can appear and disappear in one blink of an eye, that's how fast they are. It took a lot of my patience to captured these pictures and I am just so happy that I took some decent ones!

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Karen said...

Hi sis, thanks for the support with Scarlet Wednesday. I know I was too busy lately, but I'm back now and here I am doin' some bloghopping.

That was an amazing shot, you're indeed very patient with capturing that pretty bird... I love it! Until next time.. See you around.;)

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