My Little Helper

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So proud of my oldest son for being such a good helper to me! The other day while I was folding clothes, out from nowhere, he came in the bedroom and decided to help me fold the clothes. I did not tell him no or anything like that even though his folding wasn't too neat, in fact I encouraged him to do so because he does needs to learn basic chores like folding clothes. I don't want him to be one of those guys who depends on women to do everything for them. I taught him basic responsibilities at an early age like throwing his garbage in the trash can or pick up his clothes and put it in the laundry basket or clean up his mess, etc..

Anyway, after folding the clothes he even washed the dishes for me and he did a good job too. You can see above where I snapped some pictures of him doing the chores. I was just so thrilled to see my boy getting so responsible and I am a one proud mama too! Hopefully being helpful like he is now, he'll bring it with him until he's full grown man. I would know then if I did a good job raising my kids!

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