My Oldest Son's New Favorite Toy

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I'm sure everybody knows about the Angry Bird Game. It is such an addicting game. I believe most people when they get to try it out the first time will be wanting to play it again and again, it happened to me! And not just me, also my husband and 6-year old son. It only took one time for him to try it out and he's hooked!

So the other day, when we were at the mall, we stopped by at JCPenney's to look at their kids clothing. Of course there were Angry Bird shirts that were hanging around at the boy's section and one thing that caught my 6-year old son's attention was this Angry Bird game. I mean the actual game where you get to build your own platform and it comes with two birds that you can shoot using the sling shot that comes with it. I did not want to buy it at first because it was a little too high. But then I changed my mind when I saw the disappointment of my son's face but he didn't it enforce it.

He was very thrilled when I told him to go ahead and get it. That joy and excitement was definitely worth the price. And now this is his new favorite toy to play. It is actually very neat and of course just like the computer game Angry Bird but you really do have to work hard on building the platform because they are not too easy to do, it takes a lot of patience. But anyway, it is definitely occupying my 6-year old. I am so glad that I decided to buy it for him!

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