Need A New Fitting

I have so many things to do around this house but so little time left. My stepdaughter is coming for summer to spend with us together with her boyfriend and I only have a couple of days to finish everything that I need to do including fixing and replacing the bathroom fitting. It is very important that we get it done because they'll be using it everyday for almost 3 weeks and I would hate for her and her boyfriend to use a messed up bathroom.

There are just too many wrong in that bathroom that I just don't think we'll be able to fix it in time. The  sink and bath tub faucets are leaking bad. I guess that will be our top priority to fix because the sound of leakage alone is so annoying. I want our guest to be as comfortable as possible and the bathroom being so close to my stepdaughter's bedroom, I am sure they'll hear the dropping sound in the middle of the night.  So I got to tell hubby to get it fix now before the time of their arrival comes!

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