Six Flags Over Georgia

Me and hubby has been talking about going to Six Flags Over Georgia in a few weeks. My stepdaughter and her boyfriend are coming and are wanting to go some places that we've never been and I think Six Flags might be the perfect place for all of us to enjoy. It's not the first I have been to amusement park like Six Flags. I have been to Carowinds twice and I'm telling you what I love riding the roller coasters! I was scared at first because I have never rode any roller coasters before not even a ferries wheel but when I got to try it out the first time, oh man, it was addicting! Very scary but addicting, I guess that's what they call adrenaline rush! LOL

Anyway, me and hubby has been talking about how to drive there the cheapest way. There will be at least 8 people including our two boys. We couldn't all fit in our car unless we take two cars. But we are trying to figure if it's cheaper to take two cars or just rent a van. We are trying to do this as cheaply as possible, so we really got to think about this really good. I am really looking forward to this. I have never been to Georgia before and this will be my opportunity to do some sight-seeing while driving towards Georgia. It is at least 4 hours drive, I'm sure it'll be fun, I hope!

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