9-Month Check Up

My youngest son will have his 9-month check-up later today at his pediatrician. I am pretty sure that he is just as healthy as he can be and I know that he has gained weight that last time we were there. He weighed 19 lbs when were there last, he was just about 7 months old. How time flies!

Sometimes he about to drive me crazy with his roaming around in every corner of the house. He gets into everything now too, especially the changers as well as the mouse for our surveillance camera. For some reason he just like to mess with them. He got so many toys that I put in the living so he can play, he will play with for a few minutes and then there he goes heading for the changer or for the mouse. He is sure a handful already, he's not even a year old! But I'm glad anyway that he's very active and I always thank GOD for that!

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