Acting Like A Bully In School

I don't know what is going on with my first grader but evidently he is getting so mean in school and acting like a bully. That is just a big NO NO to me and my husband! When he came yesterday, I looked at his behavior paper and was so disappointed to see that it was in color blue! Blue means note home and time away. Sure enough the note was written on the same paper and it said that he was blowing bubbles in the bathroom, trying to pull off the soap dispenser off the wall and wiping ketchup at his schoolmate in the cafeteria!

My mouth just dropped open when I read all of that. I really couldn't believe what I was reading and speechless for a few moments. So I confronted my son why he was acting like that in school and of course he tried to deny everything and I jumped his butt for trying to lie! This is just not happening! My sweet little boy is acting so mean! It is truly disappointing! I thought for sure that little punishment he had last week would straighten him out. Well it did for one day! 

Well anyway, so because of that, we did not let him go to his nana's house, he usually goes over there to play a little and help her feed the dogs. It broke his little heart, he was crying his eyes out and it was a heart-breaking for me too! I hated to punish him like that but you have to do what you have to do. So I told him this morning while taking him to the bus stop to do his best to behave in school and that he needs to remember that if acts like that again, he will get another punishment! He promised me that he will get purple(excellent) today. I have faith in him and I will see if he is being a good boy in school when he gets home!

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