Biggest Consignment Sale I Ever Been To!

Yesterday me and my mother-in-law went to this consignment called Wee Trade Kids. It is the biggest consignment shop that I have ever been to. This consignment is a 2 weekend sale event consist of over 1400 families gathered together under one roof! You can only imagine how much stuff were in there! There were so many kids clothing to choose from prices starting at $3. I got so confused as to what kind of clothes I should get for my kids because there were so many of them.

I decided to buy some fall or winter clothing for my little one since it is almost cold-weather time. Picture above are what I bought from the consignment. I got four different outfits, 2 jackets and 2 toys and it cost me almost 40 bucks.  Forty bucks may seem a lot of money but I consider it good deals because if you buy these stuff new I know for sure that it would cost more than that. These stuff that I got are gently used items so almost 40 bucks wasn't really a waste in my opinion!

Anyway, next Saturday they are gonna open again, it will be their last day and this time everything is 50% off! If I knew that they are going to have 50% off of everything we would have gone their next week instead of yesterday. Oh well, still no regrets of what I bought there. Maybe next time, we will go there when they'll have the half off everything!

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