I Almost Lost This Blog!

Thank goodness I saved it! I thought for sure it was permanently lost and couldn't be recovered and thankfully I managed to save a back-up of it last night. This blog used to be on wordpress platform. I imported all my posts, comments and everything to blogger, so it is hosted on blogger now! 

So I sent a message to wordpress support as to why it had been deactivated and someone got in touched with me and told me that I wasn't allowed to put that specific link that I was writing an entry about last night and asked me if I can remove it. Well I didn't and I deleted my blog there since it is already imported here and I already asked two of my paying blogging sites to change the URL of the wordpress blog. One replied and changed the URL already and the other hasn't.

I do not see any point anymore of continuing it on wordpress since I heard that they don't allow paid post if you are on a free domain. So bye-bye to wordpress! I like Blogger better anyway! But I am thankful to them for letting me have a free domain there! It was fun while it lasted!

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