So Many Reckless Drivers

This afternoon when we were heading to the grocery store, we almost got hit by another car. It happened approximately about 3 or 4 miles from where we live.  This woman thinks that she own the road and decided to drive in the middle of the road and almost collide to my car. Good thing I managed to steer to the right safely and luckily there wasn't any ditch on the side of the road or we would have been in big trouble!

You do your best to pay attention to everything in order to avoid any accidents but there are people out there that doesn't care at all wether they are paying attention or not or wether they are driving safely or not. What they don't realize is, it's the innocent ones who pays the ultimate price most of the time! Just like the woman that we encountered earlier, she couldn't care less, she didn't even bother to stop! You dang right I was cussing her like a sailor, she deserved every profanity that came out of my mouth for I feared for my 9-month old's life that was with me including my stepdaughter and her boyfriend!

They were truly terrified and so was I! I couldn't thank GOD enough for keeping us safe earlier! I hope and pray that I would never experience that again! LORD please keep us safe always!

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