Talking Too Much In Class

Evidently, my first grader is way talkative in class. For two days in a row, he came home with his behavior paper marked red and underneath it is the word "talking". The teacher sends this paper with them where their behavior for that day is recorded using colors. Purple is excellent, green is good, red is warning, orange is time away, blue is note home and time away and brown is principal's office. So there's no denying that he is talking in class and not minding his teach when she tells him to keep mouth shut...

So for his punishment, we didn't let him spend the night at his nana's house. Every Friday, he spends the night over there and comes home the next morning. But since he got another red yesterday after I told him that morning not to talk anymore or else he won't be able to spend the night at his nana's house. But when he came with another red, we just had to do what we told him we will gonna do if he gets it again.

Hopefully, by not letting him spend at his nana's house, it will teach him a lesson that we as his parents means business. If he don't obey the rules, he will suffer some consequences. We explained it to him numerous times but seems like it's not getting in his head. But anyway, other than talking in class, he's doing very good! His first week of school he got purple! He even perfected two spelling tests that they had a week ago and this week. So I am very proud of him for that!

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