We Need Baby Gates

My youngest son is turning 9 months old tomorrow and he can get into everything now. He can literally go into every corner of the house or crawl under everything, no matter how much I block the way where I do not want him to go, he can still find a way! Very smart boy indeed and I'm a very proud mama!

Well anyway, our 16-year old air conditioner is broken so instead of buying a new one, my husband bought a metal industrial fan. He just got it yesterday. I did not have problem letting my youngest son crawling in the living room but now that the fan is sitting there, I am not letting him near that fan. It is just too dangerous! He could stick his finger through the metal frame and he could seriously get hurt bad! The fan is all made out of metal even the propeller and it blows very strong. I don't doubt if somebody sticks their finger in it that it can be cut off! I sure don't want that happening to my youngest son! I already warned my oldest son about not stick his finger in it or else he'll be missing a finger!

So now, we seriously need baby gates. The gates will keep him from going near the fan. I couldn't watch him all the time since I have to do things around the house too. And if I put him in his walker or carry him with me, he'll start crying because he wants to be independent and crawl everywhere! I need to buy that baby gates soon!

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