All Purples All Week Last Week

I am just a one proud mama! My oldest son has finally proven to us that he can be a good boy in school if he wants to. For the past weeks he has been getting in trouble in his class and I am not liking it at all. We keep begging him before he goes to school to be good and not get in trouble and he'll tell us he'll try and when he comes home, his behavior chart is not showing that he has been good. It is really disappointing just to be honest. It's like he's not hearing us at all. We've punished him by not letting him spend the night at his nana's on Fridays or not letting him go over there after school but it seems like nothing is working!

But then last week, everything changed! He managed to keep in getting purples all week last week! Their behavior chart is color-coded where Purple is the highest you can get, it means Excellent! So I am just really happy that he's finally listening to us and I really appreciate his effort and for trying to be as good as he can be in school. I am sure it is not easy, especially if they are just that young! I mean I do not expect him to be perfect but getting in trouble almost everyday for talking too much in class is not okay either. I expect that he'll get red (first warning) or blue (time away) once in a while but just not everyday! So I really applaud him for showing his excellent behaviors in class last week, hopefully he'll do it this week too!

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