Both Of My Boys Are Sick!

We received a phone call from my oldest son's teacher telling us that my son just suddenly was running a fever of a 102.5! I was really worried about it. She told me that he didn't complain about hurting somewhere or not feeling well, he just felt sleepy! The teacher was wanting to know if we want to come and get him or just wait for the bus to bring him home which would have about an hour but I did not feel like that it was right for us to just sit and wait for the bring him home. It would have been a misery for him! So my husband decided to go to school to pick him up, and of course as expected, my son was crying horribly, they both told me after they got home. 

Anyway, while they were still out, I called my husband on hiscellphone and asked how our son was doing and he said that his fever was still going up and that he's gonna take him to the urgent care. So he did and the doctor there said that he may have a Strep Throat. Well, I don't really know anything about Strep Throat but my husband told me that it could be serious and there are some cases that somebody died from it. Yay! Very scary indeed! But thankfully, my son seems like he's getting better after taking some medicines. And then my youngest son, started to feel hot and seemed like was running a fever too. Hubby checked his temperature and was indeed running a fever!

I just don't have any clue why they are both running fevers out of nowhere! Because they were just find when they woke up this morning. I am suspecting that my youngest son's case, he might running a fever because he is teething. I noticed that when he was biting my finger yesterday that his gums were really hard. So I am assuming that is the reason why he is running a fever! Hopefully by tomorrow, both of my boys will feel much better!

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