Going Back And Forth...

I can see that my son is really struggling keeping a good behavior in class. Yesterday he came home again with red (warning) and underneath it says "talking". I was disappointed but did not really get upset because I realized that he just couldn't help it and he is only 6 years old and a boy! Boys tends to get more in trouble than girls. Anyway, I must admit that he is really a big talker and I think I have a very good idea where he gets that from! We also have hard time at home to keep him quiet for just a few minutes. He sure loves to talk just like his nana! I just wish that he could use it as an advantage instead of getting his self in trouble but like I said he couldn't help it..

Anyhow, when he came home today, he was so thrilled and very excited, before he can even get in the house, he was yelling outside that he got green (good). I was thrilled too and I told him that I was very proud of him for being good in school. So he is really going back and forth with his behavior in school, so I guess tomorrow I should expect that he'll get either red or blue? I really hope not!

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