He Is Losing A Lot Of Weight

My husband finally got fed up of feeling so bad due to making poor choices as to what to put in his mouth. He decided to go on a diet two months ago. At first, he was just doing a regular diet like eating salad but he wasn't losing that much weight and then he found this documentary on TV where these guys were in poor health, so much medical problems wrong with them and this one guy was 400 lbs. They decided to go onto this juice diet where the only thing they eat is the juice of the fresh fruit and vegetables. They did it for about 60 days with nothing else to eat and drink except for the juice and water and they did lose so much weight and turned around their heath back to normal! It was truly an amazing documentary.

So anyway, my husband tried it for about a week and he went from 212 lbs down to 204 lbs. And he is not done yet, I can probably say that he is about 99% vegetarian now. He has not eat any meat for about 2 weeks now. He is watching these documentaries on TV about how consuming meat is bad for your health and it is really very worrisome if you hear all the stuff that they are saying about it. But I am not gonna go through all of that. Anyway, my husband continues to lose more weight, probably about a pound a day. Yesterday he weighed 195 lbs and I'm curious to know if he's lose more weight today.

Anyhow, he wants me to follow his footsteps but I am just not ready to give up meat yet. I mean, sure I'd like to lose weight I've been struggling for months and month on how to get rid off these extra pounds but I just don't think I have that much will-power like he does to resist temptations. But I am truly proud of my husband for choosing this much healthier lifestyle, he could have just easily said to "hell with it, I'm eating this big ass burger" like everybody else! LOL! But he's very serious this time and you can definitely see the result!

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