He Turned 10 Monts Old!

Happy 10-month old to the one of the handsomest little boy I know and that is my youngest son Gabriel James! The other handsomest boy is my oldest son of course! LOL! Anyway, so it has been 10 months ago since I have given birth to him. It doesn't seem like it to me! Now why is that, as mothers we always feel like it was only yesterday that it happened (giving birth)? But if we look at our kids, they are all seemed so grown up! They sure grow up so fast these days!

Anyhow, one thing I know, I will surely miss my baby. He is not so baby anymore and in about 2 months, he'll be a year old! So I better enjoy him while he's still crawling and not walking yet. Once they start walking it's like, they just magically get so big and tall overnight! And before we'll know it, they'll start going to school!

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