He's A Good Reader

I am just so pleased that my first grader can read very well. I started teaching him when he was just about 3 years old! He can pretty much a read 30-page book all by himself! I mean it takes him a while and he doesn't know how to use the expressions in the sentence yet but I am working on teaching him that, that should be an easy part.

Anyway, I am glad that his teacher assigns them to bring different books with them to read at home. It really helps the students to get better in reading. And also they do this spelling test every Friday and the teacher let the students bring a piece of paper with words written on it to be studied at home for the spelling test on Fridays! I thought it is very neat for her to do that. It gives the students plenty of time to study the words.

So far, my son perfected all the spelling tests they had and I am very proud of him for that. He is really a very fast learner. If we can just keep him from getting in trouble by talking too much and he'll be alright!

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