He's Still Doing Pretty Good!

I am just so thrilled that my son is still on the right track. I am talking about his good behavior in class. He did so well this week except for today, he got orange and of course there was a little note saying that "he's not finishing his work and couldn't keep his hands to his self". I know that kinda sound bad but I am not upset at all. Like I said before, I do not expect him to be perfect all the time it's because nobody is perfect and to think that he is only 6 years old! Even adults can't get things right sometimes! LOL!

Anyway, so when I got home from my errands and my husband told me about the note, I did not really think about it anymore. It was just today! So we let him spend the night at his nana's house tonight. He really deserves it since he was perfect last week plus almost this week as well. And I also got to give him credits for always getting a perfect score on their spelling tests every Friday! He sure is a smart little fellow and I'm a proud MAMA!

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