Starting To Appreciate His Toys!

Finally my youngest son who just turned 10 months old a week ago is starting to appreciate his toys now, meaning he's enjoying playing with them now where before he used to just ignore them. Now he'll spend about about 10 minutes at a time playing with them.

It is so amusing to me how he reacts if one of his toys makes noise or moves or roll. He'll giggle or clap or laugh and chase it all around the house. He is definitely getting big and now can understand the meaning of fun! 

Anyhow, pictures above were taken just this afternoon after I took him outside! He loves being outside too. As you can see in the picture, he is still wearing his cute Old Navy shoes that I found at a consignment shop for I think 3 bucks! Best part? It was brand new with tag still attached to it!

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Vee said...

He's adorable. What fun it must be to see him play and enjoy his toys. Is he walking already? He looks ready.

forsythea said...

Thank you Vee! Yes I get a lot of enjoyment watching him play! He's not walking yet but I think he'll be soon!

Lorrie Orr said...

He's a cutie. What fun to watch children grow and develop.

Suzy said...

Just too cute! enjoy it...doesn't last long, they grow up before you know it.♥

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