Ahead Of His Class

I am just so proud of my first grader, I really don't know how to put it in words! They had their report card today and I must say that I am just so impressed with his grades! It is showing that he is doing great on everything and he is ahead of his class in reading and math! This really exceed my expectations! Now I kinda feel guilty that I kept jumping his butt in those days that he came with bad behavior. I mean it is already expected that he won't be perfect especially that he's a boy! But I guess that punishments that we did worked because he hasn't been getting in trouble for 3 weeks in a row! Thank goodness!

Anyway, I am just beyond happy of his report card! I wasn't expecting for him to be the smartest student in their class and I am not saying he is but I guess the proof is his report card that he maybe one of the smartest ones in their class? I am just a one PROUD MAMA!!! This really makes me feel so good inside!!!!

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