Busy Preparing His Birthday

So busy this week preparing for my son's 1st birthday. Don't know why though, it's not like we're having some big party with a lot of people attending. It is just us and a few close friends. I am fixing some of our favorite Filipino dishes and that's what have been keeping me busy these days. For the menu it's gonna be, bam-i or stir-fry noodles with veggies in it and a little meat, lumpia or eggrolls, Escabeche or fish in sweet and sour sauce and veggies, sweet and sour meatballs and I am fixing Lechon kawali or pan-fried roast pig but won't be cooked in the pan, instead, it'll be broiled in the oven. Can't wait to taste that, it has been a while since I had some Lechon! Just thinking about of a whole pig roast in an open charcoal for how many hours just makes me drool! I wish I am able to purchase a whole roast pig or lechon but if I can, it will be dang expensive for sure! The lechon kawali is like a mini version of the lechon but cook in a pan but like I said this is gonna be a different version of the lechon kawali. 

One of my friends on facebook made a no-fry lechon kawali, she broiled hers until the skin turns brown and crispy and left in the overn in 400 degree heat for how many minutes and it sure looked so dang good!! That's why I want to try it out! Hopefully mine will turn out good! Anyhow, I am almost done buying all the ingredients that I am gonna need for my son's birthday. But I still got a few more things to get such as ordering his cake, get some paper plates, utensils, cups and all of that. I still got to clean the house, get rid off some stuff. I am not just doing this for my son's birthday but for Thanksgiving as well. I want this whole dang house straightened out before his 1st birthday and Thanksgiving and hopefully we can keep it clean until Christmas and New Year!

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