Haven't Done Anything!!

I am just so frustrated right now! The day is almost over, my first grader will be here in less than an hour and I haven't done hardly anything! Been so busy these past few days running errands for my son's first birthday tomorrow and today is my only chance of cleaning the house! I had a full intention last night that after my first born leaves for school to start cleaning right away because there is a lot that needs to be cleaned but what did I do? Went back to bed instead! I don't know what's up but I felt so tired this morning that I just collapsed on the couch right after my oldest son left and of course the little was fighting sleep and didn't want to go back to sleep! 

Right now, I am trying so hard to put him to sleep so I can start again. The only thing that I got to do was changed the curtains and washed dishes and there is still tons that needs to be done! I am not so optimistic right now that I'll be able to finish these chores before tomorrow! I guess this feeling of exhaustion is the result of the past days of being so busy running errands. Oh gosh, I hope my little one will take his nap soon!

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